Ellie’s First Birthday

What a wonderful time we had celebrating Ellie’s first birthday!  We kept it small, just invited family, and enjoyed a weekend full of fun.






I won’t ever make another tutu as long as I live, but I was happy with how this one turned out 🙂

And remember that super cute birthday outfit I bought her?  She was freakin adorable in it, not that I was surprised 😉


Everyone always says not to blink because it goes by so quickly.  They don’t lie. ❤

Onesie Wednesday!

We’re gearing up for Ellie’s first birthday next month!!  Nothing elaborate planned, just having family come to celebrate.  But can I say…I’m soooo pumped over her adorable little outfit!  It came in the mail a few days ago and its SOOO adorable.  1PoshShop has one happy customer 🙂


#adorbs.  Can’t wait for her to wear it! ❤


OMG it’s real!!!  My typical drive through my Starbucks this morning was anything but.  Guys…they have a unicorn frap…

When I first heard about this I was a little angry…come on Starbucks.  You’re supposed to serve coffee.  But even I have to admit, this thing is pretty magical.


Tastes like mango, very sweet and fruity.  The whipped cream is vanilla flavored, I think that was my favorite part.  The powder on top is super sour.  Once it started mixing with the frap halfway through it definitely changed the flavor.

Can’t say this is something I would want on a regular basis, but had to try it once.  My only regret is that I wasn’t wearing these Lisa Frank leggings while drinking it…


Cold and Snowy Wednesday


I’m all for snow, but why is it that we went ALL winter with barely an inch, and then get dumped on right in the middle of March.  Bleh.  Ellie and I are spending the second day in a row at home all day.  Which just means finding fun things to do around the house.  Right now she enjoys playing this game where she pulls everything off of a shelf and I put it all back.  Repeat, repeat, repeat. 😛

Today’s Onesie Wednesday features a onesie that I don’t have, but currently need!  If we had this, Ellie and I would be out in the snow today.


Guess there’s always next year! 🙂


Busy, busy, busy.  That’s how the last two weeks have been!  I always have the best intentions of blogging but just can’t seem to fit it in.

I’ve been busy in the kitchen, but making some new recipes that I wouldn’t want to try again.  I made these Thai Chicken Egg Rolls that I just wasn’t crazy about it (though I did love the peanut sauce!) and I cooked up this Chicken Carbonara but again, not anything to write home about (or on a blog!).  I did make some delicious Banana Squares, but that one’s a family recipe 😉

I also discovered this amazing Maryland happening called TotSwap and oh my gosh…life will never be the same 😛 I’ve been bitten by the TotSwap bug.  It’s this HUGE consignment sale that’s held once in a year in four different locations.  Anyone who lives in MD but doesn’t know about TotSwap yet, you’re welcome.  I loaded up on really CUTE discounted baby clothes and some cool toys too.  I’m thinking of making the drive to hit up the Frederick and Howard county locations when they arrive.  It’s pretty much the best thing ever.


So maybe things will slow down in the next few days and who knows, maybe I’ll even get in a Onesie Wednesday again! 🙂

I’ve been spending this afternoon scrolling through Scary Mommy.  They never disappoint 🙂

Can you believe there is Twinkie ice cream now?!  Have to find this asap.


Also loving this picture ❤


I’m loving the weather we’re getting.  I can’t justify staying inside and blogging when it’s this nice outside.  Time to go for a walk! 🙂

Fridababy, Baby!

It’s been a rough week and a half…The little bebe got her first cold, which spread to me and then my husband.  It sucks but fortunately she’s had good spirits through everything.  I was a little caught off guard with the amount of snot that can come out of a little tiny babe!

One of the things I registered for before Ellie’s birth was the Fridababy Snotsucker.  Everyone thought I was crazy, but if you read the reviews on this thing you see that parents LOVE it.  Well, time to add me to that list.  It’s not gross at all, nothing gets in your mouth, and it’s a huge help to clear out your little one’s nose when they don’t know how to blow.  Ellie has been super congested and this has provided some instant relief.  Along with using a humidifier in her room every night, this has really helped her.


Onesie Wednesday will return next week.  Yesterday was spent on the couch trying to shake this fever! 😦